Next Generation Second Phone Number

No SIM card or contract required

Multiple anonymous phone numbers for calling and texting

Own phone numbers in any country

Next Generation Second Phone Number

Number2Go Features

  • Virtual phone numbers available in 35+ countries

  • Make cheap local and international calls

  • No SIM card and no contract required

  • Use anonymous multiple numbers for social networks, OTPs, shopping

  • Make and receive calls from your virtual numbers, Send and receive SMS, MMS

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls - play back your calls anytime

  • Powerful messaging features - send video, photos, images, files and voice notes in chats

  • Divert unwanted calls outside business hours to voicemail

  • Hide your real number!

  • Maintain a private Number2Go contact list - call and message your private contacts

  • App security with 2FA authentication – PIN and facial

  • Video call your Number2Go contacts

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